Friday, April 3, 2009



This is Steve E, reporting from Tampa FL, where spring is truly showing itself, raising her skirts just above her ankles, know what I mean? Prayer Girl and I are here for her son's wedding, his first...and he's almost age forty!

I always have trouble believing that someone is joining together with someone else "until death do we part" for the FIRST TIME. I don't think I ever experienced a "first time" being married (or anything -grin!). Funny, the only "first thing" I can recall now is my
first day of not drinking, and I shall NEVER forget that! Never.

OH! And my first girl friend. How could I ever forget her? I was age 4, and when she and her family moved away 10 years later...life ended for me. Nellie Jane Wynn, 3 or 4 years my senior, was from Kentucky, but lived on the farm with us near Cincinnati. Oh, God, what do I do to myself, forming attachments which should never have been at all...but which last lifetimes? Nellie Jane and I shared everything...everything.

On the other hand, incidents which linger still in memory are what and who I am. That is one of what makes our program so wonderful. Good or bad, the "stuff" is in there, and our steps relieve me of the bondage of the past, and the present bondage of self. Ha! Who would have guessed? And God will do it, if I let Him! Holy Moly, Batman!

On the way to Tampa this morning, I developed an attack of vertigo. If ya never experienced it, believe me, you do not want to. It is so debilitating, defines itself instantly, and does not let you have any idea how long it will be in residence. It is characterized by extreme dizziness, the falling-down kind, nausea, and a definite longing for immediate death. Fortunately, I had earlier adhered to Prayer Girl's wishes that we NOT bike it to Tampa. A few hours in bed and it went away. Sometimes an episode has lasted me three days.

At noon Saturday, I'll be playing violin at the children's wedding. Families have arrived from many places, east and west. Most of the attendees I have not met until this evening. I got to identify more than a few "members-in-training" for our AA program! What fun, to notice that we will never die out from lack of prospects. I should not call it fun...but it IS exciting!

Again, I certainly began this, to write a few brief sentences. But n
othing spoken or written is BRIEF with me, hence another Blong goes out to its spacial residence. Glad we're all here.

Pray with me for those who are looking toward a huge approaching sn
ow storm in the Rockies today and tonight (Saturday!), and I will close with that.

In Love and service,
Steve E.


Mike Golch said...

Steve E,old man winter is not ready to give up here on the North Coast(as we call the cleveland area)that dirty four letter word in in the forecast next week! DArn it,Mike G.said that!

dAAve said...

A pleasant update.
Paly well,my friend. I'm sure you will, and it won't be for the first time.

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, glad you two arrived safe and sound in Tampa! Sorry for your sudden attack of vertigo. Closest I got to that was the movie by the same name. Glad you are doing better.
Enjoy the wedding dear one and play your heart out!

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the prayers.

I have intermittent vertigo too. It is not fun - at all. It is greatly aggravated by traveling. Last summer when I went to Alaska and had been on Planes, Trains, Buses, Automobiles, etc. in the matter of a couple of days, it really went wild! We were scheduled to be on a fishing charter - and I knew it would make me sick as a dog. When it was canceled due to weather, I was thrilled.

Have a happy trip.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Blessings and love to you, Anna and the family that is now more for the Love that has been added...

Prayers and blessings!!!!

Mark W. said...

Children getting married???

Great meetings just up the coast there...

Play well and enjoy!

Shadow said...

you are certainly bubbling over with excitement. enjoy!!! and glad the vertigo's gone!

Selchie said...

i am sooo scared of heights, didnt stop me parachuting, hoped it would help - it didnt!!

have a lovely hols and ty for your kind words lovely.


Ed G. said...

Thanx for your your update.

Sorry for your Vertigo but grateful for your quick recovery this go-around. Funny how we used to simulate some of those symptoms by putting poison in our systems...

I remember the blessings of my daughters' weddings sober - long story (seed for another article someday) but it just doesn't get any better than to be invited, show up and, contribute.

Blessings and aloha.

Queenneenee said...

First thing I thought of when you said vertigo, was -was he on his bike?! Glad you were not my friend. See us women know some good stuff, if only someone would listen! I'm glad you did!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Steve
I am really glad you are ok. Hope the playing and wedding was wonderful. I know you were surely welcomed and your music enjoyed

Now about that vertigo...Please take care of yourself and get it checked out again and see if there is a second opinion of the best treatment at hand?